Lead Copywriter at Big Vision


I help brands find their voice. Because every business has a story to tell and people who need to hear it.


Stories sell brands. Here’s mine.

Character. Mike Tannian. Conflict. I grew up writing creatively, mostly short stories and poetry. The Great Question arose in my twenties: How can I get paid to write? Climax. I started at a niche marketing agency in VA, managing web content for authors like Dan Pink and the Heath brothers, while freelance writing for a growing health nutrition store. Then it happened—the job offer and the move to Orlando, where I started as Big Vision’s first, full-time copywriter. Resolution. I discovered a passion for branding…the whole process of collaborating with businesses to help them (re)find their identity, voice, and audience. Every business is a brand, and it’s the way customers experience them. I’m here to optimize that experience, to write copy that makes a measurable impact. Epilogue. mjtannian@gmail.com.